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The Angel and the Charging Man

ANGEL, talking donkey and Balaam
Numbers 22:21-39

My big toe was twice its normal size due to a fall on the stairs of my home. I had to wear a boot for a while. Now, this is back around 1990 when people didn’t carry cell phones like we do now. So, I hobbled out of my car to make a call at a pay phone on Boulevard in Atlanta, GA. Back then, the pay phone was on the side of a building, down an alley not too far from Popeye’s Chicken on the corner of Boulevard and Ponce De Leon.

As I approached the phone, I noticed blood all over the handset, so I decided not to use it. I turned around to go back to my car, and there was a man charging directly at me in that alley! He stared at me with wild eyes! I wanted to run, but my foot was in a boot. So, I wrapped my purse around my wrist and prepared to put up some type of defense using my purse as a weapon.

Just then, the man stopped in his tracks and looked up—way over the top of my head. It was as if he was looking at someone or something very tall behind me. The look on his face went from menacing to sheer terror! Then he turned around and ran quickly back to wherever he had come. I looked over my shoulder to see who or what had made this guy run away in terror! I saw nothing—nothing at all—but felt peace all around. Without hesitation, I hobbled back to the car. I couldn't shake the feeling that an angel had protected me by revealing himself to the charging man, just as The Angel of the Lord revealed himself to Balaam on his journey to curse the Children of Israel. (Numbers 22:5-6 and 21-39.) Just like Balaam, the charging man was on the wrong path.

When Balaam set out to do harm, God protected His chosen people then and so He does now. All who have accepted Jesus are God's people!

God’s people are covered and blessed. Stay close to Jesus. Read and pray. Have patience with others and show love. We have nothing to fear. If God did it for me, He will do it for you. He is no respecter of persons. Do encourage others with the words of your testimonies.

With much love,

Apostle Tracey Smith

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