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Family Prayer and Blessings
(Pray regularly to bless and protect your family)

Dear Heavenly Father,

​You are holy and righteous. Your wisdom is profound. Your power is mighty!

Who has resisted you and prospered?

You do great things past finding out and Your wonders are without number. (Job 9:4,10)


I repent for my sins and humbly ask Your forgiveness.
I remit* the sins of (enter names of those whose sins you want forgiven).
(John 20:23)


By the power of Jesus Christ, I decree that no weapons formed against my family, and I shall prosper.

  • I cast down and destroy all spiritual wickedness in high places and any evil principalities that have been set up to afflict us or have a negative impact on our lives.

  • I plead the blood of Jesus upon myself and upon everyone named in this prayer.

  • I put up a wall of protection around each and every one of us and pray for our safety and protection from hurt, harm, danger, threats, accidents, incidents, mass shootings, police assaults, and demonic attacks.

  • I cancel and confuse every one of Satan’s plans against us.

  • I render demonic plans powerless, lifeless, ineffective, disabled and forbidden to produce any results.

  • I destroy all weapons, spells, incantations, and evil altars that have been formed, conjured, or spoken against us in our personal lives, on our jobs, in our marriages, in our school(s) or businesses. (Pray all that apply.)

  • I bind, break, cancel, and destroy any evil hexes, charms, demonic activities, witchcraft, divination**, and sorcery planted, conjured, or spoken against us.

  • I cancel the assignments and send to the abyss all demons posted on our jobs, in our businesses, ministries, schools (etc.) that are warring against us to hinder our progress, advancement, raises, success, and God-ordained destinies.

  • I pray that we will not be harmed nor hindered and nothing that we own, rent, borrow or possess will be touched, damaged, stolen, or destroyed.

  • I pray for God’s mercy and forgiveness, and I break any demonic agreements and covenants that any of us have made knowingly or unknowingly while awake or asleep. 


(Speak blessings on your family and yourself. Do this often.)

  • I decree that we shall receive a multitude of blessings this year.

  • I decree that we shall receive new and successful business ideas.

  • I decree that everything we touch will prosper, and we will not be fired, but receive promotions on our jobs.

  • I decree that our lives will glorify God and that we will fulfill His purposes.

  • I pray for divine favor over our lives and from all persons and authority figures whom we encounter throughout life and in the earth.

  • I decree that we will walk in divine and unhindered prosperity in health and in wealth.


By the power of Jesus Christ, I forbid retaliation against me and against this prayer and decrees. 

Our words are spirit, and they are life. I send forth the words that I have spoken to go out and successfully accomplish and manifest all that I have spoken, and may all results be in accordance with God’s will.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


* John 20:23 KJV explains that you can forgive (remit) the sins of others.
** Divination includes fortune telling, palm reading, tarot cards, psychic networks.


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Revised 7/26/22

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