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Tracey L. Smith

Tracey Smith is the daughter of Charles Redding and the late Eloise Finney Redding. She is the eldest of five children (three brothers and one sister); and the divorced mother of three children: Matthew, Joshua and Hannah Smith.


Tracey gave her life to Christ after a near-death incident in September 1986. She received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues several months later.


In 1987, the Lord spoke to her about serving as an apostle. She had no idea what it meant to be an apostle and no desire to serve as a female minister. She decided to ignore the conversation and the calling and hoped it would never come up again… but it did!


Months later, she entered the prayer line at church (The Living Word Assembly World Evangelism). As soon as she approached the pastor (Dr. Prince A. Martin, Jr.), he said, “Wow! Look at the words circling your head!” Tracey asked, “What words?” The pastor responded, “‘My apostle’ is circling your head in lights!” Tracey was horrified! She had told no one about the call and hoped it would never come up again! All she wanted to do was run away from this call, but here was the pastor telling the whole congregation that God had called her. When asked, she dropped her head and admitted that God had spoken to her about the call (but in her heart, she had no plans to fulfill it). Once again, she decided to ignore the call. She said no more about it and hoped that was the end of it! But it wasn’t.


One day, the Lord led Tracey on a drive to her mother’s grave. At the cemetery, the Lord spoke to her. He told her to look around at all the graves… and she did. Then He said, “Some people are here in the grave because they fulfilled their purpose, and some people are here because they didn’t. Which do you choose?” Astonished, Tracey knew she had to make a choice, and that choice was obvious. Right there, at her mother's grave, she decided to yield to the Lord’s will and accept the call of the apostle (an ambassador; one who is sent to reform). No more running from God’s will.


She started preaching in 1992 as a guest minister at churches and women’s meetings. She was ordained an apostle and pastor in 1996 by Pastor Adwaters, and ordained again in 1997 by Rev. Norris Huckabee. She went on to plant and lead two churches: The Way of Life Established Church of God (Atlanta, GA), and Radiant Light Church (Austell, GA). She also served as apostle-overseer for Community Church in Houston, TX.


In 1992, the Lord gave Tracey the vision for First Lady Magazine for Women. The magazine was published from 1992 -1996 and again from 2005 - 2010. In September 2009, a terrible flood swept through parts of Georgia. Tracey lost her home and Radiant Light Church during that flood. She would dissolve First Lady Magazine in early 2010 due to an unfruitful investment deal.


Tracey has a heart for saving souls. In 2018, the Lord instructed her to start SalvationLive! Initially, the purpose was to provide an online salvation prayer that anyone in the world could access on their computer or mobile device to lead others to Christ.  


SalvationLive! has expanded and is quickly becoming a prime Christian outlet. It is dedicated to promoting Christian churches, ministries, speakers, artists, authors, businesses and more. It’s solving the problem of lack of exposure. Says Smith, “Many Christians have talents, but lack needed exposure to share with the masses and reap rewards.”


Tracey goes on to say, “God created SalvationLive! I could never have thought of something so truly and beautifully dedicated to serving Christians of every race and nationality. It is a platform that promotes gifts and talents. It is one of many ways God shows His love for us.”


In the near future, Tracey sees SalvationLive! broadcasting Christian ministries on television and radio platforms—in addition to the services currently provided.

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