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Why Choose Jesus?

The Cross of Jesus Christ on a Chess Board

Consider a chess board...


On the right side of the board, 

the golden Kingdom of Light 

where Jesus is Lord. 


On the left side of the board, 

the kingdom of darkness 

ruled by Satan. 

In the middle of the board

is the bridge from darkness to light--

The Cross of Jesus Christ.

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden

by eating the forbidden fruit,

they crossed over from the Kingdom of Light 

down into the kingdom of darkness.


And took all of mankind with them!  

There was no way to CROSS back over to Light until


Now that a way has been made

because Jesus Christ paid for our sins;

we can choose sides.


Choose to live on the right side in the Kingdom of Light.

Choose Jesus!

This simple prayer will help you cross over from darkness to light. 



Choose you this day whom you will serve! Joshua 24:15

Two Kingdoms. 

Two Destinations.

One Choice!


The most important decision you'll ever make.

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