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Updated: May 16, 2021

Proverbs 27:9


Years ago, I worked with a lady whom we’ll call “Flora.” Flora was a white female with stunningly beautiful red hair.

Now, it happened that Flora would visit my desk when I was away. She would move important files and do all sorts of things to sabotage my work. It left me in peculiar predicaments with my boss.

One day, I asked the Lord to guide me in confronting her. I asked Flora to join me in the conference room. I told her I knew about the sabotage and asked, “Why?” I asked if I had done anything to offend her. If so, I was prepared to apologize.

She didn’t respond but sat at the head of the long table—arms folded across her chest—just staring at me. Knowing she was a believer (in Jesus), I reminded her of Christ's love. I asked if we could work together… help each other. Still no response.

Flora stood up to leave.

Then, all at once, a wave of love rushed over me. God’s presence was in the room! Flora must have felt it, too, because her eyes welled up with tears. The tears rolled down her face in streams.

We both felt the presence of God's love, and we hugged and cried for no particular reason. It was soul-cleansing. Her countenance became brighter. My load became lighter.

As we gathered ourselves and began to stop crying, Flora confessed that she'd grown up in a town where there were few Black people. She'd only heard negative things about Black people and was taught to dislike us. She asked me to forgive her. It wasn’t necessary. I had no ought against her.

From that day forward, we had sincere love for each other, and there was no more sabotage. What the devil meant for evil, God made it work for our good. Our friendship was genuine and refreshing to the soul. We could talk about anything. We shared our successes and lessons learned.

A year or so passed, and Flora moved to a different state with her husband and two little children. At her going-away party, she made a toast to me, and told everyone to take care of me because I was her best friend!

We stayed in touch for many years by handwritten letter. Internet didn’t exist back then. She moved a lot because of her husband’s job, and I moved a lot, too. Over time, we lost contact with each other. I’ve tried to find her on social media, but no luck as of yet.

Flora was a sweet friend loved by God and by me. God’s love freed my friend from a terrible burden and taught me the wonder-working power of His love for all.

God bless you all, apostle Tracey

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