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Love, Love, Love!

Hate is a spirit that spreads and eventually turns on its host.

"Three out of four people in my home have been pulled over and held at gunpoint by police."

Held at Gunpoint? Must Forgive.

You can’t ignore what’s going on today. My heart breaks for George Floyd and too many others unjustly slain by police. It is a blessing, however, to see people of ALL races coming together in UNITY. Unity is from God. John 17:11.

As for me and my house, we choose to love everyone even though three (out of four) of us have been held at gunpoint by police.

My best friend, her frightened five year old son and I were held at gunpoint in East Point, Ga., for a minor traffic violation. We were ordered out of the car and made to stand on the sidewalk with our arms up while staring at the barrel of the white officer. In our hearts, we were praying. Then something happened to the officer as he gazed upon us. He looked ashamed. He holstered his weapon and apologized to us on the spot. Thank the Lord!

My eldest son was pulled over and slammed against the car by an officer who said he was bored. I demanded an apology from Douglas County (GA) Sheriff's office. They pulled the tape. The officer was reprimanded, and we were issued an in-person apology.

My younger son was pulled over in NC without cause. He and three college football mates had a gun and flashlight put in their faces. The officer let them go saying, “You seem like nice guys.”

In each case, I asked my family to FORGIVE. You MUST walk in love! Never entertain hate toward anyone. Hate is a spirit that spreads and eventually turns on its host. YES, there are some bad actors in the police department, but all officers are not bad. Let God judge. Keep your heart pure. Walk in love.

To all who are watching the protests—YES, there are some bad actors among the protesters, but we can’t turn a blind eye or invalidate the cause. Like police, all protesters are not bad. Let God judge. You walk in love!

What should you do as a Christian during this time? Pray for God’s intervention. Pray for the safety of all protesters and police. Pray for an end to police brutality and an end to looting and property destruction. Pray for peace, love, unity, justice and salvation for those who aren't saved.

A disciple asked our Lord, “Teacher, which is the greatest Commandment? Jesus replied, Love the Lord your God…and the second is, Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Matt. 22:36-40

Let us come together—all races--in love for one another. God bless you all and God bless America! Apostle Tracey Smith @

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