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Ask. Seek. Knock. And You Shall Receive!

Matthew 7:7 tells us (Believers) to ASK and it shall be given to us. Well, one Sunday at church, I heard a lady praying for God to give her someone else's husband. Several of us heard it and kindly corrected her! She said she was standing on this Scripture.

Step One: ASK it shall be given.

It's true... Matthew 7:7 does tell us to ASK, SEEK and KNOCK in order to receive. Now, we all know how to ask the Lord for what we need. That is step one. However, there's one important step (step two) that we mustn't overlook, and it might be the most important.

For years, I combined SEEKing and KNOCKing as one and the same and I endured much rejection and disappointment as a result. However, I know now that they are two distinctly different steps.

Step Two: SEEK and ye shall find.

For starters, who are we seeking? We are seeking the Lord.

It's important to SEEK the LORD about what you are ASKing.

You need to be sure what you ASK for is in HIS will.

GOD is good and wants us to have our desires, but He will not allow us to have EVERY SINGLE THING we want because it may be harmful to others or to ourselves. For instance, asking the Lord to give you someone else's husband (or wife)... well, that's a no-go! God won't hurt the current spouse for your sake. He loves them too.

How to seek the Lord

SEEK the Lord in prayer.

Prayer - Just open your mouth and talk to Him, honestly; or talk to Him from your heart where no one can hear you. HE can hear you. HE knows the thoughts and intents of us all. Ask your pastor, family, friend, prayer partner or a person who hears from God to inquire as well (if needed). Once you have confirmation that your request is in God's will. Proceed to the next step: KNOCK.

Step Three: KNOCK and the door shall be opened.

Knocking is probably the hardest of all the steps. It requires courage and the ability to accept rejection. When I was out of work, I had to ask people to help my family. As a divorced mother with three dependents, when my savings ran out in one month... I had no one to lean on. I had to trust GOD and that was a good thing! My faith grew and I became a firm believer that

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

The LORD brought us through! God's Word is TRUE! HE is True! HE IS OUR EVERYTHING!

My KNOCKing consisted of asking others for help, regularly. Following these three steps, I received more help than not. On one occasion, I recall ASKing God for the rent money. Then, I SOUGHT the Lord asking if it was in HIS will. HIS answer was yes, but I didn't know from where it would come. Daily, I asked the Lord, "Where shall I go or who shall I contact for the rent?"

Rent is now due. Will "Ask. Seek. Knock." work!

On the day rent was due, with only hours left, I was instructed to ask a dear friend for help. I didn't know if she'd have it, but if nothing else, I would reach out to her in obedience to God because HE clearly told me to do so. Even if she couldn't help, maybe God was sending me to be a blessing to her in some way. Maybe she needed help and I could pray for her, or speak a prophetic word to her. I was prepared either way.

This was not easy, because I always provided for my family. Nevertheless, I swallowed my pride, then contacted her and humbly asked for $1,975.00 to pay my rent. That was the amount, at that time, for one month. (I have since moved, voluntarily.) I held my breath as I awaited her response.

"Sure!" she replied. "Can you come by and pick it up when I get off work?"

I was astonished and amazed by God!! Not only did she give me the $1,975.00 for rent, but she gave me $20 to put in my tank for gas! I paid the on time!! God bless my friend!

I still bless GOD for his help!! He touched the hearts of many to help us!! God bless all who helped in any way!!

Before I learned the importance of SEEKING God, I suffered far more rejection and disappointments. It is my hope that this writing will help you to experience less suffering than I have.

"ASK. SEEK. Knock." does work! Trust the Lord Jesus! He loves you and is able to keep HIS word.

With love, Apostle Tracey Smith

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