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Why some black pastors

don't want him to be heard... period.

Thousands recognize Damon Redding, the familiar, affable, and genuinely caring Host of BeHeard.


From FaceBook to Instagram to TikTok, Damon's passionate messages, shout-outs to his favorite sports teams, and even his smooth "Check-out-my-dance-moves" videos reach thousands of his followers daily and lift spirits.


Damon Redding has produced compelling content for years, with some videos reaching over a million views. He started out promoting and recognizing black women as queens. Then, after producing other self-funded shows, Damon was inspired to produce BeHeardperiod (Be Heard.). This platform initially started by giving voice to the inequities faced by black Americans, but it has evolved into a platform that gives voice and offers healing and restoration through correction and sound teaching to those who've been hurt in black churches.


Damon is now being invited to many shows as a guest. He has followers from Maine to California. Damon is becoming one of Christianity's rising stars.

...And it all started at the gas station.


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