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Image of Author Regina L. Duvall

Regina L. Duvall

Evangelist Regina Duvall is the author of the books: "Cracked But Not Broken,” and “The Potter's Touch.”


Within the pages of these two books, Regina become totally transparent,  revealing her struggles and recovery from a 17-year crack addiction. Regina, with the redeeming and saving power of God, has managed to rise like a phoenix from the ashes and despair of drugs to tell her story and inspire. 

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Books by Regina L. Duvall

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Regina shares the story of being pregnant, while continuing to smoke crack.


“I just didn’t know how to stop,” says Regina about those tumultuous years of her life.


Her inability to stop the addiction caused doctors to predict that her baby would be addicted, and would suffer many physical and mental disabilities; but God had a different plan.


Every agency, and the local police were waiting to take custody of her baby upon birth. However, Regina's mother, Pastor Carrie Davis, continued to pray for the baby and for her daughter throughout the pregnancy.


On August 26, 1991, Regina gave birth to a very healthy baby that she named Carrie in honor of her praying mother. Carrie was born drug free with none of the disabilities predicted by the doctors. 


Carrie is now 26, a Cum Laude college graduate with a degree in Criminal Justice from Morris College and a masters’ degree from Clark Atlanta University in Public administration with a 4.0 GPA.


Regina was supernaturally delivered from the evils of drugs and she has remained free for more than 20 years. Regina now travels all over the country to many churches, drug rehabilitation centers, and many other community outlets. She has also shared her inspirational books and message of hope on national television, radio shows and printed publications.


“I would love to be able to continue to spread the message of hope wherever I can, to help as many as I can,” shares Ms. Duvall.



Regina Duvall was born in Springfield, Massachusetts. She is the youngest of six siblings. She is the mother of four living children and one deceased son. Regina attended Bishop college in Dallas, Texas.


After spending a year in Dallas, Regina returned to Springfield, Mass. where she obtained her certification in communications and electronics. In 1977, Regina became the 12 noon news anchor for WTCC radio station.

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