Pastor Von "Wins"

with New Release

Wet Paint 3:

Church Socks & Jordans


by Tracey L. Smith

Fans of popular inspirational recording artist, Von Won (aka Pastor Von), will not be disappointed with his latest release, "Wet Paint 3: Church Socks & Jordans!" 


With mind-blowing lyrics and soul-stirring beats, "Wet Paint 3: Church Socks & Jordans" delivers music that resonates with young and old. The new release includes 23 songs and features such artists as: Mandi Del Campo ("Dear Von"), S.A.I.N.T. ("Still Love Me"), and Carl Butler, Jr. ("Go Get Saved"), to name a few.

At a recent listening party, hosted by Salvation Live, one participant remarked "Wet Paint 3 takes inspirational hip-hop to the next  level!" Other participants nodded or remarked in agreement.

The excitement was tangible as attendees rocked to "Art of Mine," "For the Hood," "Every Day I Die," and many others. No doubt all attendees gave the release two thumbs up! 

Check out Wet Paint 3: Church Socks & Jordans on Soundcloud.