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Kanye West

Casting a wide net and reaching the lost with

"Jesus is King"

The Album That's Inspiring a Revival 

Featuring Sunday Service Choir

by Tracey Smith

There's a change in the atmosphere. It’s not just the obvious, undeniable speed in which time is racing toward the end—instead, it’s a familiar, but long-forgotten feeling of change. Ha! I know what it is... it's revival!

Revival is in the air again, and the USAa country where God chose to put His name, is among the places where it’s beginning. 

Enter Kanye West... 


Ministers today know all too well the challenges of reaching the younger generation. For years, Kanye West has labored among this generation with success. No doubt, he has their attention!


Now, since becoming a Christian, West labors for the Kingdom of God, instead of the kingdom of darkness. He is casting a wide net to draw attention to the One, the only, true and living God.


Kanye sings:

“…Told the devil that I'm going on a strike.
I've been working for you my whole life.

Told people God was my mission.

What have you been hearing from the Christians?"


(From 'Hands On!' song featuring Gospel music legend Fred Hammond. 'Jesus is King' album.)

Leading Thousands to Jesus...

Kanye is leading thousands. He's leading them in the right directionupward to Christ.

On January 19, 2020, Kanye West shared his testimony (in between songs with his Sunday Service Choir) to 12,400 students at the Strength to Stand Bible Conference in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The conference was organized and led by evangelist Scott Dawson. It's reported that 1,483 of the 12,400 students in attendance gave their lives to Christ, as a result.

"I believe Jesus died for my sins," West declared (the Christian Post reports). "There was a time when the devil had me."

As the 135-member gospel choir sang, "Father, I stretch. Stretch my hands to you!" West added: "Do you know the good news? Jesus can save a wretch like me."

If each one is to reach one, Kanye is reaching thousands.


With the release of the "Jesus is King" album and"Jesus is Born" (by Kanye's Sunday Service Choir), the atmosphere is filled with an air of revival, or the "Jesus is King" Movement.  Watch Kanye's worship service videos and take note of the large numbers of people, particularly young people, in the crowd (and in his choir) who are glorifying God.


For those in the audience who aren't yet saved, West's music plants the seeds of salvation, and seeds produce a harvest. 

Check out:

Every knee shall bow

Every tongue confess

Jesus is Lord!

Jesus is Lord!

(From 'Jesus is Lord' song: 'Jesus is King' album)



Follow Jesus.

Listen and obey.

... I bow down to the King up on the throne

My life is His, I'm no longer my own.

(From 'Closed on Sunday' song: 'Jesus is King' album)


In Closing

Remember, Christianity is not exclusiveIt’s INCLUSIVE! It’s open to ALL who will come… to any who will honor the sacrifice Jesus madeto all who accept Him as their Lord and Savior. 

We pray and expect more celebrities to accept Jesus as a result of this revival movement.



Pray the Salvation Prayer to accept Jesus as Lord.

Image of Kanye West with Joel Osteen

Click image to enlarge image of Kanye West with Joel Osteen.  CLICK HERE to view video.